Different Types Of Content That Your Business Needs

By on May 3, 2016

Every business needs content, no matter what it offers. Content helps your business become more visible, engages customers, and builds trust.

While some may think that content is simply just writing a blog post, web page or article this is not the case. There are actually many different types of content, and a savvy business will understand each one, and use them effectively to promote and enhance their success.

Here are some of the most important types of content that you should create for your business.

Informative content - advice, how to guides, tricks and tips, educational articles, helpful descriptions - you name it. informative content helps readers decide whether what you offer is what they need, so it is important to be as clear, precise and transparent about your products and services as possible. Be helpful - people love something for nothing, so writing relevant, useful content that solves problems for them is something they will appreciate.

Newsletters - regular newsletters are a handy way of engaging customers and reminding them of your presence. Newsletters can contain lots of different types on content but it is important to get the balance right. Don’t simply bombard your readers with what you are selling. You need to make it a mix of information that interests them, entertains them and engages them, as well as directing them and reminding them of what your business is all about, and why they need it.

Surveys - ask your customers questions, get opinions and feedback. Surveys are useful because they tell you what your customers want, what is working and what isn’t, and they also show that you listen to and care about your customers which is so important if you want people to remain loyal to your brand.

Reviews and referrals - this customer generated content can be a useful way to promote your business. Nowadays it is easy to see whether other people thought your services or products were good value. If you don’t offer the opportunity for customers to do this directly to you, you can be sure they will pipe up elsewhere. Managing your own feedback means you can deal with complaints and concerns in-house, and use great feedback to promote your business. If you don’t your business could be being negatively talked about on forums you don’t even know about, and your lack of response will speak volumes.

Video content - people are generally time poor these days, and if they can watch something instead of reading it, they probably will. Creating engaging, lively video content to show off exactly what you can offer is a great way to pick up more customers and retain the ones you have.

Social media content - every modern business should have a social media presence. This is another opportunity to communicate with your customers directly. Remember, don’t use your social media accounts simply to promote what you’re selling - there needs to be a good mix. Follow other people, retweet relevant messages, get involved in important conversations and post interesting, shareable material that is useful to your customers.

Infographics - present your information or data in a unique and user friendly way by creating a cool info graphic which you can post on your website and social media sites. An infographic sums up relevant information in a visual way, making it super easy for customers to digest it. Make it exciting to look at and don’t over complicate it, and you should see your customer engagement rise.

Lists - lists are super appealing - we can’t get enough of them. List type content is a great way of providing need-to-know information to your customers that they can use to refer to, or to find out more about you. Keep the individual points short and sweet, be exhaustive but not overwhelming and stick to the point.

These are just some of the most common and useful types of content you should use in your business. However, there are many more! Keeping up a regular flow of content in your business will provide a wealth of opportunities to engage your customers and to grow and learn, so don’t let your business stand static and make sure you keep providing your customers with great content to help your business flourish.

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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