Book Success -How To Tell If Yours Is Going Well

By on February 18, 2021

We all strive for book success - but may have very different versions of what that is. So how do you know if your boos is a success or a flop?

Book success - it's all in the writing

Writing a book can be both a solitary and a daunting experience. While we start writing our novels full of excitement and motivation - this can, unfortunately. quickly diminish. This is when that old pesky writer’s doubt can start bubbling up and our inner critique stars making their voice known. When this happens we may well begin to worry that our book is no good. We may lose motivation, start to question ourselves, and wonder whether it’s really all worth the effort after all. Of course, this kind of negative thinking won’t get you very far, but it is a good idea to check in with yourself as you continue on your book writing journey and try to ascertain whether your book is going well. 

So with that in mind, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you love your characters?

Writers should be in love with their characters, even the awful ones. Creating a fictional character and giving them the depth and aliveness required for your readers to resonate with them is a tough job. If you are excited and inspired by your characters, you are doing something right. 

Do you find it difficult to stop writing?

If you find it hard to stop writing when you get going, this is a great sign. It means your motivation is high and that you get lost in the writing ‘zone’ immersed in your story, which is very important if you want to get to the finish line. 

Do you get good feedback?

Don’t wait until you are finished with your book to get some advice and constructive criticism - you should be showing your work to others throughout the process. If you are getting good feedback, great. If not, you know you have some things to work on - and that’s OK too.

Can you picture your world?

If you are creating a believable and immersive world you should be able to easily picture it in your mind’s eye. If you can’t, your reader probably won’t be able to either. In which case look back through your text and see how you can make your descriptions more arresting and vivid. 

Are you excited to write?

If your story is exciting, you should be excited to write it. This is not to say that you can’t have days where writing feels hard. However, in general, you should still be keen to get your story down on the page.

Your plan makes sense

Now you’ve started writing, do your plot and chapter outlines still make sense, if not, why not? Have you gone massively off on a tangent? If so, is this a good or a bad thing?

You are on schedule

If you are writing your book to schedule, give yourself a massive pat on the back. Sticking to your writing schedule will keep you motivated and mean you are far more likely to finish it!

By asking the above you can decide how well your book is going and whether you have achieved book success. Doing so gives you the opportunity to make some adjustments and enables you to get back on track, motivated, inspired, and excited once more!

So now you've read about book success and what it means to you, why not learn some top tips to sustain your writing success?

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