5 Goals Every Content Marketer Should Have

By on September 30, 2016
5 Goals Every Content Marketer Should Have - Writer's Life.org

To be a successful content writer you need to set yourself some goals. If you continuously work towards these, then you will always be learning, striving for more and ultimately improving your business. All the little bits and pieces of work you do need to come together to create a bigger picture, and if you are clear on which direction you want to take and what you want to achieve you’ll feel like you are always making headway.

So just what should your content marketing goals be? Well, of course, everyone has different ideals in mind of what they would like to achieve to be successful. But if you are struggling on how to define your goals, why not take a look at the below to see if it can help?

Here are five great goals every content marketer should have.

1 Connect with your audience

This should be a priority at all times. Every time you plan and write a new piece of content make sure you have thought about your readers. You content needs to be valuable to them, and it can be valuable in many different ways. You could be answering a question, solving a problem, introducing a new concept or idea, or simply entertaining them. Whatever it is, there is nothing more important than making sure you understand your audience, and writing with them in mind.

2 Paint a picture

Remarkable content appeals to the reader on an emotional level and helps them to visualise what you are telling them through cleverly selected words. You content should always demonstrate how it can solve your reader's problem, and do so in a creative and imaginative way. They want to feel the experience, the luxury, the wonder of whatever it is you are trying to sell them, and they want to understand the stress, the pain, and the horror of how their lives will be if they don’t buy it now! Make sure you write in a way that captures their interest and makes their hearts sing!

3 Reassure and resolve

Writing content that demonstrates it can solve your reader's problems or be of value to them is all well and good, but you are still likely to find that readers will try to object. They’ll find a way to put off buying your product, signing up for your newsletter, sharing your article or whatever it is you have asked them to do. That is, unless you overcome their objections, preempt what they might take issue with and have the solution already there, contained within the same piece of writing. Will they think your product is too expensive? If so tell why it's fantastic value. Will they worry that if they subscribe to your newsletter, they will get bombarded with emails? If so explain to them they can control how frequently they hear from you. Understanding what objections your reader might have, and finding solutions to these will make them so much more likely to do whatever you request in your call to action.

4 Create loyalty

Getting attention from potential customers is one thing, keeping them is another. If you can build up a loyal customer base through your content marketing, then your business will continue to flourish. Make sure you are always striving to improve your communication with your customers - listen to them and adjust so that you contact them in exactly the way they want to be contacted with exactly the information that they need. Reward loyal customers with deals and discounts, if you treat them like royalty, they’ll want to go nowhere else.

5 Always strive for more

A great content marketer will always be thinking ahead, looking for new ideas and experimenting with new types of copy. Successful businesses need to continually evolve so make sure you stay ahead of the game and continue to push yourself. Experimenting with content is a great way to try out new ideas at very low risk - use content as a way of communicating new ideas and possibilities to your customers and see which ones get them excited and which ones leave them cold.

Having firm goals when it comes to content marketing is so important. Do you agree with these goals? What are yours?

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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