The Different Ways To Write About Love

By on April 2, 2020

Do you want to learn some ways that you can write about love? Our top tips will help you explore everything about writing and romance!

Those writing a novel will know that it is hard not to touch on the theme of love, regardless of the kind of book you are trying to create. The cast of characters in your story will all have different relationships, histories, and loves of their own. The various kinds of love they have experienced or experience as the story unfolds will be what shapes them and makes them relatable. 

Love, and indeed the absence of love, can make a massive difference in terms of how a character relates to others. In our own lives, this is also true. The relationships we build with others in all aspects of life can change how we view the world; our sense of self can be skewed by our experiences of love. 

So what are the different ways we write about love in our stories?

Here are just a few:

Romantic love

Unrequited love

Love in Friendships

Tough love

First love

Unconditional love

Parental love

Brotherly and sisterly love

Forbidden love

As writers, we cannot help but be affected by our views on love, and this can come across in our work. Age and sex also make a difference in how we write about love. Our idea of love may be skewed by our personal experiences but also our memories. Do we idealize love? Are we suspicious of it? Is our view of love really accurate? Young people tend to write about love with more hope than older people, but also with more considerable anxiety. Women tend to explore love, to question it, to want to figure it out, whereas men tend to be more retrospective and consider the attachments that have been and gone, rather than look to the future for romance. 

Love can leave us speechless

Another interesting fact about love is that it often leaves us lost for words. Try as we might, therefore, love is one of the hardest emotions to capture on the page. Whether we (or our characters) are in the deepest throes of love or have been rejected in the most horrendous and soul-crushing way by it, we can struggle to find words that do justice to the intensity of the emotions that are felt when we consider love. 

We love to love!

Everyone likes a good love story, right? Writing about love is the easiest way to engage your reader. Whatever kind of loving (or non-loving) relationship you choose to portray in your story. This is because it is a fundamental part of every human being's experience. Done well, and it will resonate with your readers, connect them to your characters, and make them want to know more. 

Writing about love isn't easy, but it is necessary to make our stories great. How do you write about love? Share your thoughts with us here. 

Now we know how to write about love, let's learn how to make readers care about romance in our stories.

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