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It's this time of the year again where everyone is doing another list of unaccomplished and unfulfilled New Year's resolution.

Yep, those trending set of goals every start of the year where you either failed miserably not to accomplish it by the end of the year or you are part of those lucky ones who made a phenomenal change to their lifestyle. For writers that were born in the year of the dog, this might be your lucky year!

Point of View
To be honest, I find it odd that I am writing this subject when I actually don't believe in astrology, fortune telling, horoscopes and alike. I just came up with this subject because I came across this Chinese Astrology thingy and I felt that this would encourage those writers who believed in these things.

Year of the Dog
I wouldn't be precise on what years are included in the year of the dog except that 2018 is included. According to Chinese Astrology, one of the ideal jobs for those people born in this year of dog is Writer. Raise your hopes fellow writers, this is your year.

So, how would you want to restart or refresh again your writing skills? A simple question that sounds easy, yet it is difficult to accomplish.

For starters, before you start your typical writing day, spend at least 3-5 minute sessions, and work your way up to half an hour or even longer. This way, it will ward off any negative energy within you and your surroundings. It will also increase your patience, your mental state and strengthen your predictive and judgment ability. For beginners, you really have to avoid unnecessary thoughts like when you are excited to jot down or type the plot in your head. Try to relax and let that calming aura manifest.

This time, you need to be more critical when writing your story. Critical in the sense that you should be more aware of plotholes and the uniformity of the events and characters. Before, you just write down what you have in mind but this time you have to know in advance the complexities of the personality of your characters. The transition of growth and look of each main characters. And how these events will be interconnected.

If you are dedicated last year, try to be even more this year. Stress, work and laziness are some of the hindrances of a typical writer. Renew your priorities and if you are really passionate in writing, make writing the number one priority in your to-do list everyday. Always think of your writing goal- become a better writer each year.

This is inevitable as we are face with different circumstances everyday. Our surroundings can greatly affect our mood. We can be inspired, but sometimes it can also discourage us . Some of these factors are news, society, relationships, financial and job security. When you enter in your writing aura, try to forget these things for a while and let your creativity and imagination overtake.

While this is mainly for the writers that were born in the year of dog, let us not forget that regardless of your zodiac, you are still a writer on your own. Just like the famous mantra "change is inevitable and constant", so change your writing style and habits. But not the passion and your heart as a writer. What writing habit have you accomplished last year that you want to improve this year?

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