How to Write a Good Mommy Blog

By on September 18, 2017

Mommy blogs are a polarizing force. You either love them or wouldn’t touch one with a 10-foot pole. The nature of them and the subjects they tend to cover makes them contentious. They started as a way for moms to support each other, share parenting wisdom. But then the internet took over.

Finding a good, mostly objection less mommy blog is hard. But, if you’re brave…

Be Conscientious

Once you say something on the internet, you can’t get rid of it. You will be judged for it. Think before you write, process and reprocess your thoughts and ideas. How do you sound? How do you come across? Although parenting is an emotional, personal issue, think logically. Will your child, or other potentially offended parties, resent you for sharing that, you know, that?

Be Less Self-Centered

Every mom and child are different, but they all have similar struggles and successes that aren’t all that different; don’t be that Mom. Your potential fellow mom readers have all had or will have all the problems they’re experiencing. They just don’t write a blog about them. Acknowledge this, be humble.

Did Grace go poop, but not in the potty? Lots of kids do that. Bond over shared struggle. Don’t be shocked that you’re experiencing parenting struggles.

Be Open Minded

Being self-righteous, preachy, and dogmatically is wrong in any situation. Especially on the internet. There will always be someone who knows more and who is better than you. You are not the final authority, most supreme influence on any topic, no one is.

Express your struggles, explain how you got through something and conquered the obstacle. But, know there’s not just one-way to do it. There is no universal parenting theory. But, plenty of opinions.

When you start dishing out advice and tips, be able to take advice and tips. Interact with your readers and audience. Learn from others, and acknowledge them. Don’t say “well this is my kid and I’m the mom, so you’re wrong.” Yes, you are the mom, but are you ever right 100% of the time?

Be Honest

Anyone who has young children, or whoever was a young child, knows that your picture perfect family, with an immaculate, always stylish house is a lie. Don’t lie to your readers.

Don’t put on a mask, a false image just to look good. It’s a bad example for your children. Acknowledge your imperfections, be vulnerable. It’s why mommy blogs started in the first place, for moms to share and bond while helping each other.

Be especially honest about your kids. They aren’t perfect; they act up. Don’t just acknowledge good moments. Falsely building them up, basically worshipping them, seems innocent and encouraging, but it’s detrimental to their psychological health, and future very beleaguered boss.

Be Diverse, Different

What makes you stand, out, why are you special? Find your niche. Expand on it, have a good variety of helpful, informative content. Why did Gracie not go poop in the potty, where did she, how did you clean it up? How did you get her to go in the potty afterward?

All of these are helpful, informative topics. Also, consider other topics outside of children. Like relationships with significant others after children, how you manage a household budget.

There are many secondary yet related topics to consider. That parent and even non-parents can connect to.

Also consider what goes into running a mommy blog, and how it’s funded. There’s corporate sponsors, brand partnerships, product reviews, and ads that require hours of work; hours that could be spent with your children.

Speaking of children, think about your kids. Will they be willing, eager participants? Or worse, too eager and too willing?  Wanting all that extra attention and praise is a sign, a horrible sign. On the other hand, not wanting to go to a sponsored brunch is pretty normal.

Did you survive the terrible twos and threes? Do your research, really think about it? Then Congratulations, you are mommy blogger material! With a little often looked over work, and these tips, you are well on your way to blogging success!

Originally Published in Deliberate Magazine

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