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By on October 12, 2017

As a part of our #WineBook great Wine Tasting and Book Reading Event around #NYC we present our First Summertime WineBook.

FPInc. and Being Artsy have taken the Book Clubbing World to the next level. We invite you to come out and bring your ideas about life, love, relationships, religion, spirituality, and much much more............... we want to hear from you.

Join us as Six local Authors present their work and their craft to you. You won't want to miss the Food Tasting by Gourmet Chef and Author Keren Alexis.

Notes to Self - Author: AbikeMineuittie Benning Farley

Days Like This - Author: Ruth C. Durant

Sinning on the Way to Church - Eric "Crow" Draven

One Passionate Night - Keren Prescott & Sasha Forde

Empowered: The Woman's Guide to Following your Heart - Jenny Powers

I'm Not too Small - By Daniel "Young Decent" Stewart

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