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By on February 10, 2016
Turn Your Blog Into A Novel - Writer's Life.org

If you love writing, but don’t feel you have a novel in you, then one way to start is by blogging. More and more bloggers are seeing their content turned into novels and more and more writers are turning to blogging as a way of getting a name for themselves and creating a useful avenue within which they can promote their creative work.

If you already have a successful blog why note take a moment to think about whether it has the potential to be turned into a book. If you have written in it regularly, and for some time, there is likely to be a wealth of content there - content that could be a potential goldmine.

So just how do you turn your blog into a novel? Here are some handy tips to help you increase your chances of achieving success via the self-publishing route, or of it being accepted by a traditional publisher.

Make sure your content is unique

Just because your blog is about health and fitness doesn’t mean it has to be the same as everyone else’s. Think of unique angles for each and every piece that you write, and make sure they have a common theme that links them together, one that will engage and intrigue the reader. These elements are what make for a gripping story, so will be important when it comes to putting your novel together.

2. Make a content plan

Gather all your blogs together and look at them as a whole, think about how they might come together as a book, and then work out where there are areas that need more attention or additional content written. Come up with chapters, headings, and a table of contents to help give your book structure and purpose.

3. Edit your work

Once you have created a plan for your book and written the content, make sure that you read and re draft it. Editing your book is part of the process that all writers must go through to get it in the best possible shape before sending it off to potential publishers. It is always worth checking your work as much as you can to make it as professional and flawless as possible.

4. Engage your audience, and editors by including unseen material.

Make sure that you include a good chunk of brand new content in your book. This way your already established fan base will all want to rush out and buy it, pushing up your sales, and therefore attracting new readers too.

5. Think about your future work

While repurposing old content to make a book is a fantastic and potentially very lucrative idea, you should consider taking what you have learnt from the book writing process and trying to write your next book, as a blog, from scratch. If you plan your content in advance you can write your book as you blog which mean you quickly create content for your next work while building up an audience of dedicated fans along the way!

Turning your blog into a book or blogging to create content for a book can be the perfect solution for those who love the idea of producing a novel but perhaps cannot work in that way. If you blog first then you already have the content down which will make pulling your book together so much easier. Plus it means if you don’t manage to create a book in the end, you still have a great blog to your name, and that is surely something to be proud of!

Bethany Cadman -contributor

Bethany Cadman -contributor

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