The Pros and Cons of Making Money With Articles

By on July 27, 2015
The Pros and Cons of Making Money With Articles - Writer's Life.or

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There are several different ways to make money with articles as a freelance writer.

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Here are a few ways articles can help you make money online, whether as a full-fledged business model or as some side income:

  • Make money writing articles for clients.
    • Pros - Direct payments, Income can come quickly
    • Cons - Limited rights usually limit earning potential per article, Deadlines
  • Make money writing articles for content networks.
    • Pros - Networking opportunities, Build authority status
    • Cons - Pay is usually low, You still lose some or all of your rights to your articles (limits future income potential)
  • Make money writing articles for your own sites or blogs.
    • Pros - You can earn recurring income, You maintain full rights and control over your articles
    • Cons - Income can be slow in the beginning, You have to market your sites aggressively to increase earnings
  • Make money writing articles for affiliate marketing.
    • Pros - You choose the products to promote (unlike some advertising options), Affiliate products can have high payouts, You don't need your own website or blog
    • Cons - Affiliate marketing often works best after building a mailing list which takes time, To be a successful affiliate marketer you generally have to build a certain amount of trust with article readers which can also take time
  • Make money writing PLR articles.
    • Pros - You control usage rights to the articles, You can sell articles multiple times, You set your own article prices
    • Cons - Buyers generally won't pay much for PLR articles, Successful PLR programs can require extensive and continuous marketing efforts (the price won't always justify the time spent marketing)

Now that you've taken a look at how to make money with articles using five different tactics, which would you prefer?o you already use one or more of these options? Personally, I've tried each of them. Do you know of other ways to make money writing articles? Any pros or cons to add to the methods listed?

Part of being a good freelancer is being fast, organized and disciplined. That is why The Get It Done, Writer's Toolkit is highly recommended for writers to help them on track and avoid writer's block and falling behind schedule in their work. Staying on point with your assignments and turning them over fast helps you make as much money as possible,if article writing is the way you would like to make income as a self-employed scribe.

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