How To Write Great Press Releases

By on January 22, 2016
How To Write Great Press Releases - Writer's

Press Releases are an important part of PR in any business. If you are a freelance writer, or a copywriter working for a business you may be asked to write press releases. Or, you may want to learn how to write them in order to promote your book launch, book tour or any other newsworthy items that you would like to get press coverage.

Great press releases not only keep the media and interested readers up to date with what is happening, but if you write great press releases journalists may be interested in investigating the topic further, for example seeking you out to do a magazine or telephone interview.

So how do you create a successful press release? Here are some handy tips:

1 Make sure your headline really stands out

A good press release will have a headline that grabs the readers attention, while simultaneously making it obvious what the content that follows is about. You need to make sure your headline stands out and piques a readers (or journalists) interest. On that note make sure that your email subject when pitching is also exciting and interesting.

2 Make sure your first paragraph is succinct and explains the purpose of your press release right away.

Reporters are flooded with press releases, and have constant deadlines to meet. Their time is precious and therefore they aren’t likely to read your whole press release through in detail. Make sure they know what you want and why in the first paragraph so they can quickly make a decision as to whether they want to follow up on it or not.

3 Include facts and figures

Where you can, including evidence to back up any statements you make is important and will make your press release more appealing to journalists. They won’t be willing to print something that makes wild, un-evidenced claims so make sure you have the support of hard numbers or testimonials to back up what you are saying. Including relevant quotes is also a great idea.

4 Have perfect spelling, punctuation and grammar

Journalists won’t take kindly to press releases that are full of errors, and don’t want to spend their time having to correct your text. Make sure therefore that you proofread your press release several times, and make others do the same, before you send it out, otherwise reporters simply won’t take you seriously.

5 Keep it short and sweet

Try to keep your press release to no more than a single page. Again reporters are time poor so won’t want to have to read a huge document through. Include links to further information so if people do want to learn more, they can.

6 Include your contact details

This may seem obvious, but actually you would be surprised at how many press releases go out without the relevant contact details, so make sure you include yours.

If you follow these tips you should be well on your way to writing a great press release, and hopefully one that will receive a lot of interest. Good luck!

Bethany Cadman -contributor

Bethany Cadman -contributor

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