How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

By on April 28, 2020

Coming up with a successful pitch is tough, but by following our awesome tips you'll find the perfect elevator pitch to showcase your book. Writing a novel is seriously tough. But marketing it is arguably harder. Writers write because they have a passion for doing so, and however painful this may be at times, they do it because ultimately, it is something that they want to do.

Publishing, pitching, and marketing your novel, however, may feel like seriously foreign territory, and whether or not you find it intimidating, it is also something that so many writers don't really enjoy. Forcing yourself to do something you don't like means that it will feel increasingly challenging, and might be something that you can't quite motivate yourself to do at all.

Perfecting your elevator pitch - our top tips

Get the concept right

One of the essential parts of writing a story is getting the concept right. The concept is the one simple, stripped-down idea that is the driving force behind the story. A terrible concept will create a rubbish novel, so getting this right is imperative.

It is complicated to pinpoint exactly what your concept is, and one of the best ways to do so is by writing your elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is self-explanatory. Imagine you were in an elevator with your dream publisher, and you had the time until they reached their desired floor to pitch your novel. You'd need to be pretty succinct, clear, and captivating, wouldn't you?

In short, your elevator pitch briefly summarises what it is about your book that makes it exciting, unique and something that your desired audience will want to read.

Make it inform your story

Having a brilliant elevator pitch not only brings incredible clarity to the story and makes it easier to write. It's also something that many publishers ask you to give them before they consider your work. So it could be the difference between finding a publisher or being rejected time and time again.

So how do you create a fantastic pitch? 

Be unique

Try to make sure that your story idea is an exceptional one, and include details to ensure a person will understand why it's so original and not something that's been done time and time again. 

Keep it brief.

Your elevator pitch should be a couple of sentences. Around 20 words at most. You need to think very carefully about how you craft it and ensure that every word counts.

Make it memorable.

You need to choose language that makes your elevator pitch stand out. You need the response to be 'I want to know more.'

What's the reason for an elevatory pitch?

Defining your elevator pitch helps you understand your USP. Whatever it is that helps you to persuade publishers, agents, and readers that your book it worth reading. It will indicate to an interested party who the story would appeal to and how they might sell it to them. 

If you can craft a unique elevator pitch that's arresting, something different and compelling, you will capture the attention of people who have the power to change your fortunes as an author in a meaningful way. If you can't, you won't persuade anyone your book will sell and will have missed a great opportunity - so it's well worth investing time in. Good luck!

So now you know how to perfect your elevator pitch, why not discover more about how to land a book deal?

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