How To Get Press Coverage For Your Book

By on October 4, 2019

Getting great book publicity can be tricky, and press coverage for your book is even harder. However, if you can have positive things said about your book in the press, it can work wonders to help boost sales and increase your fanbase.

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to ensure you can secure press coverage for your book. However, through the process of trial and error and committing to crafting and executing a detailed and exhaustive marketing plan, you give yourself a good chance of success.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Obtaining press coverage for your book - our top tips!

Sell yourself as well as your work

When it comes to good book promotion, it's essential to be aware that you, the author, needs to be personable, engaging, and entertaining. While your book is, of course, important, if you don't come across as someone who can have an animated discussion or has lots to say or is passionate about their work, it will be hard for the media i.e., TV, radio interviewers, etc. to have much interest.

Work out your media pitch

Lots of authors blindly pitch to the media in the hope that they'll bite without really understanding what they need to do. You need to be able to explain both why your book is of interest to their readers/listeners/viewers, but also why you are. Essentially, it's all about being persuasive. Do your research and pitch so that you seem irresistible to the editor or producer, and they can't say no to your idea.

Know Your Audience

There is nothing more crucial than understanding the publication, show, or program you are trying to connect with and the audiences of each. It is impossible to expect an editor or producer to take you seriously if you don't demonstrate an understanding of their target readership and the ability to persuasively explain why your book is something pertinent to them. Take the time to research your audience and to understand what would engage them, then use this information to show why your book would be of interest.

Have a hook

A book giveaway is another fantastic way of getting the media's attention. If you are able to offer free books to some listeners as part of a competition, this will spark interest and prompt call-ins - all of which is beneficial to the publication or show in question.

Understand how to write a press release

Take your time when writing press releases and make sure you understand how to put together a quality press release with all the relevant information. Doing so will ensure that editors take you seriously. They love it when you have done most of the hard work for them. So brush up on your press release writing skills, and you will be in with a much better chance of having some success. 

Make it personal and creative

Remember to personalize each query you send out. It will be obvious if you've just done a mass mailing and will be less likely to impress the recipient. Compliment the publication, and don't be afraid to be a little creative and inject some personality in there too, at least it will mean you are more likely to be noticed!

Piggyback trends

If you can, stay abreast of current affairs and trends that might be related to your work. If anything comes up that's relevant; you need to be ready to spring into action and jump on that trend. If you can argue why your story is related - that sense of urgency and how timely it is could do you great favors.

Of course, it is vital to stay realistic. While you can do all the above and more, there are no guarantees when it comes to promoting your novel in the media. However the more you can dedicate your time and resources to doing so, and the more willing you are to learn how to craft your pitches well, the better chance you have of getting the responses you desire. 

So now you know how t get press coverage for your book, why not discover your 12-month book marketing plan?

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