How To Be A More Flexible Writer

By on March 26, 2020

Being a flexible writer isn't always easy - but figuring out how can make writing so much more enjoyable!

One thing that writers should all try to understand is how much more comfortable they can make life for themselves if they are flexible. 

There is a lot of writing advice that emphasizes the importance of a writing routine, and there is no denying that creating a method that works for you can help boost writing productivity. However, if you become so obsessed with your writing routine that you are totally inflexible around it, this could end up doing you more harm than good.

Being a flexible writer will do you good!

For the most part, writing at the same time every day, and forcing yourself to write even if you are feeling a bit lazy, demotivated or uninspired is a good thing. Writers need to treat their writing as something that is a necessity, like going to work or brushing their teeth. Some days will be easier than others. Doing this will mean that writing becomes more of a reflex, a habit, an accepted part of everyday life that just has to be. In short, a writer who takes the time to write each day is much more likely to be a writer who continues to take the time to write each day.

However, there will be days where other things get in the way. There will be times where the kids are sick and need to come home from school, where there are celebrations to be had, friends who need a shoulder to cry on, or even just periods where you sit down to write, and the words don’t seem to come out.

Things are always going to get in the way

Life happens, and it doesn’t always care about the plans that we’ve made. 

If we aren’t flexible, disruption to our writing routine can spell disaster. Just as if you are really into the gym and you can’t afford the membership anymore, or you are really into running and then get a knee injury and suddenly that thing you are enthusiastic and passionate about fades into a distant memory, and it becomes harder and harder to reignite your passion for it. 

We’ve all experienced times where things don’t go to plan. Or where, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t focus as hard as we want to or create as productively as we desire. It can be disheartening and frustrating, but an inflexible writer is one who is much more likely to give up than one who can give themselves a bit of a break, thinking ‘never mind - it wasn’t meant to be today,’ adopt an easy-going, relaxed attitude and then try another time again.

Go easy on yourself

The more you beat yourself up about things getting int the way of your writing plans, the harder it will be to get back on track. Just as if you give in to temptation and have a massive slice of cake on day five of your diet doesn’t mean that you should then throw in the towel and eat cake every day for the rest of your life! Those who practice flexibility, those who can be adaptable, those who can accept that plans don’t always pan out and that sometimes we make mistakes - those are the people who are more likely to achieve their goals.

In writing, perseverance and resilience are essential. So next time your plans don’t quite work out as they should, don’t freak but. Instead, take a deep breath, let all that frustration go, and then try and try again. 

So now you know how to be a more flexible writer, why not learn whether organization and routine can stifle creativity?

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