A Halloween Verse

By on October 31, 2017

I’ll tell you a tale

and hope no one’s offended

by this true Halloween story

and the way that it ended.

Being the kid that I am

at sixteen I was still

Going trick-or-treating

for my Halloween thrill.

Though that year’s festivities

would be different from any other,

because this was the first year

that I took my step-brother.

My old friend Jeff

wanted to go with us through town,

but his Chiquita Banana costume

kept slowing him down.

After an hour,

he was sick of wearing high heels

that kept pinching his toes

and rubbing his heels.

“I can’t take anymore

of this trick-or-treating!”

I swear my poor feet

are really taking a beating.”

“Jeff, don’t give up,”

I desperately pleaded.

“If we call it quits now

my little bro will feel cheated.”

“Fine,” he sighed,

“But if we continue

my feet will fall off

so let’s change the venue.

Please no more walking

up and down all these streets.

Show some mercy

for my precious feet!

I have an idea

to give this night a sweet end.

Let’s break into that vacant

house ‘round the bend.”

I agreed. “This’ll be a night

that we’ll never forget

and be my little step-brother’s

best Halloween yet!”

The house seemed empty

when we first got inside,

but then we were confronted

by Frankenstein’s bride!

If we weren’t so afraid

we’d have screamed if we could’ve

or maybe turned and ran out

like we knew that we should’ve.

Yet, strangely enough

the creature looked somewhat familiar.

I couldn’t shake the feeling

that I’d seen her before.

And then it hit me. Of course!

She was none other

than TV’s Suzanne Sommers!

“Oh look. Some fans

have come round to see me.

Please come sit down

in front of the TV.

So, which is your favorite

of my TV shows?

We can sit here together

and watch every last episode!”

We sat there petrified

unable to flee

as Suzanne blissfully

put on the DVD.

I felt bad for my brother

whose life had barely begun

and now he was here

watching Three’s Company reruns.

“Jeff,” I whispered.

“We don’t have to stay here.

Let’s leave now before

we spend all night and day here.”

Jeff said to Suzanne,

“It’s time we should go.”

Then the three of us stood up

and moved toward the door.

She stepped in front of us

with a strange look on her face

then said, “I’ll never let you

get away from this place!”

We tried to run

but Suzanne was faster.

She hit Jeff in the head

with a bright pink Thighmaster.

Though somehow that night

through some twist of fate

My brother and I

barely made our escape.

I have always felt guilty for

leaving my dear high-heeled friend

because after that night

Jeff was never seen

or heard from again.

Ok, so this story

has a bit of fiction mixed in-between

my mischievous way of wishing you all

Happy Halloween!

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